Would you be willing to sponsor one of the following items from our wish list?

In exchange we will list you on our website as a gracious sponsor. We welcome one time donations or recurring gifts. We will be glad to provide documentation of your donations for your donation which you can use for tax purposes at the end of the year.

On our wish list are the following items:

Commercial BBQ Grill  $850.00 1
Picnic Benches  $150.00 6
Sleeping Bags  $30.00 30
Camp Mattress  $65.00 30
Outdoor theater  $265.00 1
Lantern Poles  $66.00 8
Flag Pole  $119.00 1
Concrete Fire Ring  $359.00 1
Travel Tents  $216.00 10
Camp Chairs $30.00 30
Camp Shower  $91.00 4
Portable Burn-Cage  $349.00 1
Parachute  $95.00 1
Tug of War Rope  $65.00 1
Potato Sacks  $25.00 3
Native Tree  $50.00 25
(in your honor or the honor of a loved one)


Sponsor a Child at Camp
The American Camp Association slogan says that “camp does kids a world of good”.

– Dr. Ungar of the Resilience Research Centre, has published an article in Psychology Today article entitled, “Summer Camps Make Kids Resilient.” weighs in with a nice Psychology Today article entitled, “Summer Camps Make Kids Resilient.”

Creating a healthy camp takes, time, dedication and money! Many children can’t afford to attend camp. Help Youth SHARE support a camp experience for a child…perhaps two? Your contribution will be applied to the average weekly cost of $475 for a child at camp.

We would like to share an article regarding the benefits of camp. Please visit the following website to read this article here.

Please make your check payable to Youth SHARE, Inc.

  • We can accept VISA, MASTER CARD AND AMERICAN EXPRESS gift cards for unspecified gifts.
  • We can also accept gift cards from Walmart, Target and Costco.